Veteran’s Delight

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Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black Raw

Vadim and Ryan have been paired together and for the first time in while, Vadim is going to bottom! He’s planning to take a bit of a mental vacation to help him get through having that hole opened up once more.

The boys start of with some kissing and fondling. Vadim helps Ryan’s take out of their confines before wrapping his lips around it. He gets is slippery wet with saliva before allowing Ryan to go down on him. And down he goes! Ryan gets every inch of it down his throat. Vadim enjoys every second of having his cock in Ryan’s mouth.

Ready to get fucked, Vadim hands Ryan the lube while he preps his ass. Then, Vadim slides right onto it, bouncing up and down. Ryan breathes heavily as his dick is gripped tightly by Ryan tight hole. Vadim lays on his side and lifts his leg to the ceiling, allowing Ryan to really plunge his guts. Vadim takes every stroke like a pro. This is the kind of chemistry that develops when you get two veterans together. Ryan continues to shove his cock into Vadim’s boy pussy until Vadim cums, spilling globs of jizz on his torso. Ryan soon follows suit, firing off ropes of cum on Vadim. Hot!

Ryan Fields And Vadim Black