Vacation My Ass

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Rowan Adams Fucks Issac Lin Raw

When guys come to the studio they use it as an escape, a mini vacation. So I can’t blame Rowan and Issac for having a lazy day. But unlike actually vacations there comes a time at the studio when you have to work…or play depending on how you look at it. Issac kicks things off by going down on Rowan, finding a way to deep throat his meaty cock.

Issac takes his time on the cock. He lets this entire things slip down his throat and holds it there before letting Isaac fuck his mouth. Issac gets on the bed and lets Rowan have a turn giving a blowjob. They then kiss before gets back to work sucking his dick.

With Rowan rock hard, Issac just can’t help himself. He lowers his tight hole onto Rowan’s cock and begins to blow him reverse cowboy style. Rowan takes over, puts Issac on his side, and fucks him hard and deep. His balls thump his backside as he digs Isaac sweet holes out. Rowan only picks up the pace as they continue to go. He fucks Issac harder and harder until both boys are ready to blow their loads. Issac goes first, shoot a milky load on his torso. Rowan pulls out and cums next, emptying out his heavy scrotum sack!

Rowan Adams Fucks Issac Lin Raw