Unending Flip

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Jacob Durham Fucks Flip

We all fantasize about working out with a hot jock and then getting to have our way with them. Jacob Durham is about to live that fanstasy with Flip. These boys worked out together and according to Jacob, he was quite distracted by Flip’s ass and now he’ll have a chance to fuck it!

Jacob plays the aggressor and pulls Flip in for a kiss. The kiss is deep, passionate, and erection inducing. It’s clear that Jacob wants this boy and that Flip is more than willing to be taken. Jacob pulls down his shorts lets out his already brick hard cock. Flip goes right for, filling his mouth with it and swallowing more than half of it. Jacob’s dick is so thick that it causes poor Flip to tear up. Flip looses his clothes, gets on the bed and bends over as he continues to suck Jacob’s sweet prick. As he sucks Jacob fingers his ass, getting it ready for what’s to come. He soon decides to replace his finger with his tongue by rimming Flips tight hole. From this angle I can see why Jacob stared at it for so long. How couldn’t he? It’s big and beautiful!

Once that hole is nice and wet, Jacob lubes it up and slowing pushes his muscle meat inside. The look on Jacob’s face as he enters Flip says it all. There’s nothing like getting into a nice tight ass. Flip moans as he fills as rectum forced open by the thick cock. Sensing his pain, Jacob starts off slowly before his animal insticnts takes over and he begins to really pound Flip’s muscle ass. Jacob forces Flip to arch his back as he wrecks his beefy booty! Jacob’s sexy glutes tighten as he thrusts into Flip over and over. Flip turns over onto his back and spreads his sore ass for Jacob to eat and soothes with his tongue. Then he gets right back to pounding him some more, his balls slapping Flip’s ass with each pump of raw cock until Flip cums all over his torso add chest. Jacob pulls out and eats Flip’s ass yet again before blowing his own load onto Flip. This was definitely one of the best fucks I’ve seen in awhile! Come on in to check it out for yourself.

Jacob Durham Fucks Flip