Tongue Service

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Tyler Griffin And Junior Fernandez

Tyler Griffin and Junior Fernandez are a sexy ass pairing. So I’m not surprised when their small talk is cut short by Tyler’s burning desire to kiss Junior. They make out for a bit before Junior follows the trail, taken by many men before, down to Tyler’s dick. He takes it in his mouth and sucks it, making it grow hard between his jaws. Tyler returns the favor by getting on his needs and putting those oral skills of his to damn good use. Tyler works that prick over using his mouth, tongue, and hand! Junior’s moans fill the air as Tyler puts in work.

They make out some before Tyler decides it’s time to fuck. He holds Junior’s legs up and buries his raw dick in his ass. He takes it slow and allows Junior’s ass to adjust before taking it to him, fucking him harder and harder!  Tyler’s balls drum  against Junior’s ass as his legs tremble in the air. Tyler flips Junior onto his hands and knees before reinserting his cock and fucking him doggie style. They go at it for awhile, allowing Tyler to take full advantage of being inside of Junior. Pop on in to see how much these to cum and who cleans it all up with his tongue!