Together Alone

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Brandon Evans And Tanner Valentino Flip Fuck

It may be Sunday, but Brandon Evans and Tanner Valentino plan on getting dirty. That’s what everyone needs before a Monday. So let’s not wait, let’s see what these two have planned for us. They lock lips and  make out as Tanner kisses Brandon’s neck and Brandon reaches for his cock. They get out of their clothes and Brandon finds himself sucking Tanner’s nice cock. Tanner doesn’t want to be left out of the oral action so the boys 69 and try to see who can swallow the others dick quickest.

Tanner heats things up even further after working his way from Brandon’s dick to his sweet ass. He rims his hole and munches on that ass. Brandon’s moans let you know that he’s enjoying every moment of it. When Brandon’s hole is wet with saliva and ready for action he lowers it onto Tanner’s hard dick. He rides it in reverse cowboy, grinding his hips into Tanner’s lap. He then gets on all fours and let Tanner pound his hot hole from behind!

The guys flip and Tanner opens his legs for Brandon who eagerly pushes his cock into the boy’s waiting ass. Tanner jerks his dick as Brandon caresses his insides with his dick. bottoms for Brandon, stroking his fat cock as Brandon holds Tanner’s legs open and hammers Tanner’s tight entrance. Flipping once more, Brandon gets back on his knees and lets Tanner have his way with his ass. Tanner busts his nut all over Brandon’s ass, barely pulling out in time. Brandon returns the favor by cumming on his face.

Brandon Evans And Tanner Valentino