To The Last Drop

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Levi Jackson Fucks Junior Fernandez

Junior Fernandez never has much to say because he only has one thing on his mind and that’s getting Levi’s cock in his ass. They make out before Junior works his way down to Levi’s big dick.  Junior wraps his sexy lips around Levi’s cock before working the whole shaft down his throat. He takes a little time to pay Levi’s balls some extra attention, sucking on his salty scrotum.

Levi returns the favor by blowing Junior. But, Levi is already horned up and ready for ass so that doesn’t last long. They get on the bed and Levi pushes his bareback cock into Junior’s tight ass.  Levi starts slow but when ass feels that good you can’t hold back. He begins to pound Junior harder, getting Junior into any position he wants. Junior moans as his ass is pummeled and invaded over and over by Levi!

Junior eventually gets on top and rides Levi’s dick, making it his own. The dick feels so good that he busts a huge load right into Levi’s mouth. Levi won’t be the only leaving with cum on his breath. Junior does him a solid by sucking him off and swallowing his load!

Levi Jackson Fucks Junior Fernandez