The Hunger

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Gage Owens And Zach Covington Flip

I think there are two things that men need in this world: food and fucking. This morning the boys need and want food but they’ll have to wait until the fucking is done. I’m sure the loads that they’ve built up will keep their minds firmly planted on the task.

The boys begin to make out with Gage allows his hand to explore Zach’s chest. The quickly get their clothes off and Gage fills his mouth with Zach’s cock, sucking it while it gets harder and harder. Gage even allows it to venture down his throat! Zach returns the favor by making Gage lay back so that he can blow him. Gage isn’t done yet, they 69 so that he can get a taste of Zach’s tight pink man box!

Having tasted it, Zach wants to fuck Gage’s sweet ass. He lubes up and pushes his cock inside Zach, who is on all fours just ready for the dick. Gage begins to pound the Zach’s hole. His weight forces Zach down on his stomach and the boys make out as Gage continues to stroke his insides. The boys soon flip, putting Gage on his back and allowing Zach to get some ass. He jumps right inside and just starts to bang away! Zach’s hole can take it. With one more flip, Zach’s tight ass has Gage blowing his load, followed by Zach who busts his nut with Gage’s cock still buried inside him!

Gage Owens And Zach Covington Flip