The Early Riser

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Kaden Alexander And Chaz Berling Flip Fuck Raw

Kaden can’t understand why Chaz is always up so early in the morning. Chaz blames his early schedule on his ability to stay sleep. While the other boys are busy dreaming of dick and ass, Chaz is up brushing his teeth, ironing clothes, and providing water for the boys that wake momentarily. I’m not a doctor but I’m sure I know the solution to Chaz’s sleep problems, sex. Getting a good nut always does the trick for me. Let’s see if the veteran Kaden can help him out.

Kaden gets things started by kissing Chaz. The boys indulge for a while; slowly undressing while they make out and enjoy the taste of each other’s lips. Eventually, Chaz finds himself naked on the bed. Kaden takes Chaz’s dick in his mouth and begins to blow him, sucking it and making Chaz moan. They reverse roles and Kaden lets Chaz gobble on his big, veiny cock. Chaz pacifies himself on it and makes Kaden’s eyes roll to the back of his head. Once they’re both on the bed they get in the 69 position and feast on each other’s meat poles.

Kaden positions Chaz on his side and  and enters him slowly from behind, pushing his full bareback length into Chaz’s ass. He fucks him gently at first but slowly picks up the pace. Soon, Chaz finds himself on his needs getting drilled from behind. Kaden isn’t done with him yet. He fucks Chaz halfway off of the bed and has Chaz do pushups in order to fuck himself! (You have to see ti) Kaden enjoys pushes every bit of his dark pole into Chaz’s guts. But soon it’s his turn to see how it feels. They flip and Kaden begins to take dick as Chaz spreads Kaden’s ass and buries his prick inside of it!  Chaz fucks Kaden raw, making sure Kaden can feel every inch of that cock in him as Kaden jerks himself off and lets Chaz cum all over him!

Kaden Alexander And Chaz Flip Fuck