The Disciplinarian

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Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

It’s been a long day and Chris Taylor is a little tired. But he better wake up because tonight he’s been paired up with Dakota Ford who is gaining quite the reputation. Since he’s been back each of his screen partners have received stiff spankings. Let’s see if Chris can wake up long enough to escape Dakota’s hand.

Dakota starts thing off by leaning in and kissing Chris.  The swap spit and help each other undress before Dakota fills his mouth with Chris’ cock. Chris’ prick hardens in no time as Dakota blows him and makes him moan. Once Dakota has had enough he forces Chris down onto his fat dick. Chris grips Dakota’s cock as he blows him his sweet lips slides up and down the veiny shaft. Then Dakota makes him choke on it by forcing him to take as much as he can down his throat.

Ready to fuck, Dakota shoves his cock right into Chris’ ass. Chris hole is stretched wide open as Dakota begins to dig him out. Dakota spanks his ass while bashing his guts in. He is now at the mercy of Dakota who continues to destroy his hole. Cum inside to see if Chris survives!

Dakota Ford Fucks Chris Taylor Raw