The Climb

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Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck

I had no idea that Oliver likes to rock climb, I thought the only thing he was interested in climbing was a boy. Today he’ll have the pleasure of climbing Shawn Andrews and having Shawn climb him. Let’s see how these two get along.

After Shawn gets close to Oliver by admiring his forearms he makes his move and begins kissing him before working his way down to Oliver’s crotch. Waiting for his is Oliver’s erect dick which he eagerly begins to pacify himself on. Shawn knows exactly what he’s doing. He gives such a good blowjob that Oliver can barely contain himself. The boys switch places after kissing and Oliver ends up on his knees. He starts off by giving Shawn head before turning him around and sticking his tongue up Shawn’s sweet ass. Shawn isn’t a selfish lover. He takes control by pushing Oliver onto the bed and devouring his hole.

Once his cakes are prepared, Oliver’s ass is opened up by Shawn big cock. Shawn delivers nice steady strokes while keeping Oliver’s legs spread wide open. That’s how things start at least before Shawn begins to ready pound his insides. The boys get up and Shawn braces himself against the wall; it’s his turn to take some dick. Oliver gets in quickly and wastes no time before he begins ravaging Shawn’s tight butt. Things get aggressive when Oliver wraps his hand around Shawn’s throat! You’ll want to take a peek inside to see how Shawn survives Oliver’s wrath!

Oliver Saxon and Shawn Andrews Fuck