The Beast vs. The Beef Cake

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Ronan Spanks & Fucks Flip Bareback

Ronan Kennedy has been sleeping all day, which may spell doom for Flip’s ass since Ronan is rested and ready to go. Flip is a big boy though and has enough muscle to handle the beast in Ronan’s pants. Let’s see how this beefy stud handles the task before him.

To get things started, the boys start off with a gentle kiss. As they kiss Ronan’s hand sneaks down to Flip’s crotch. After finding a meaty, growing cock, Ronan’s mouth follows his hand and he begins to blow him. Ronan gives get head as evidenced by how quickly Flip’s cock gets rock hard! The boys switch places and Flip goes down on Ronan in order to return the favor. But once he’s down there Ronan begins to face fucking. Ronan pounds the back of this throat and Flip takes it like a true pro. The guys lube up and Ronan slowly slides his huge dick into Flip’s tight ass, stretching that hole with his bareback cock while Flip moans.  Ronan isn’t gentle as he fucks Flip raw, taking that ass any way he wants and spanking Flip as he pounds his sore entrance.  Flip gets on his back, holding his legs open and letting Ronan fill him up with his massive dick as he starts to jerk his own cock, struggling to take every inch of Ronan’s prick as he pushes it in and out.  As Flip strokes his dick faster, Ronan pounds him harder and fucks the jizz right out of Flip and then pulls out and nuts all over Flip’s ass!