Taking Down Durham

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Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham

Rowan Adams is quiet around the house and does a good job of keeping to himself. So, it’s not surprise to me that Jacob Durham hasn’t really gotten to know him. But today they’ll have the chance to get know each other in another way. Only, there won’t be much talking.

They begin by making out and rubbing each other’s cock through their sweats. Rowan can’t help himself. He allows his hand to slip into Jacob’s pants so that he can get a good grip on his dick. Jacob kisses Rowan’s neck as Rowan continues to play with this cock. Jacob pushes the issue by ripping off Rowan’s shorts and immediately going down on him. He sucks Rowan’s cock feverishly. He even allows Rowan to fuck his mouth. Rowan loves the blowjob so much he rewards him with a rimjob.

Once Jacob’s ass is ready for Rowan’s cock as he bends over and feels the sensation of having his ass filled with cock. Rowan begins the fuck as if he hasn’t had some ass in a long time. His thrusts are rough and deep but Jacob’s beautiful muscle ass can take it! Rowan pushes Jacob into the bed as he pounds eventually wrapping his hand around Jacob’s throat! He uses Jacob’s ass like he owns it. These boys go at it! You’ll have to come inside to see how rough things get.

Rowan Hardcore Fucks Jacob Durham