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Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon

The boys had a great night out playing laser tag but now things are going to get a little more personal between Dillon Anderson and Oliver Saxon. These boys already seem pretty chummy so today’s event should only bring them closer. Let’s see how close.

Dillon moves in for a kiss and the boys engage in some hot tongue work. Eventually they begin to lose their clothes and Oliver begins to suck Dillon’s cock, giving him some slow and sloppy head. Oliver then straddles Dillon’s face while continuing to suck his dick. This is how you 69! Dillon’s tongue digs deep into Oliver’s sweet ass. He bites and nibbles at it making Dillon moan in appreciation.

Ready to fuck, Dillon turns Oliver onto his stomach and fills his tight little ass up with his long shaft. Dillon pounds his hole feverishly making it bounce and jiggle. Oliver takes over by climbing on top of him and ride his cock reverse cowboy, sitting all the way down on that raw cock as he thrusts his hips against Dillon.  Dillon flips Oliver onto his back and takes him hard, his balls slapping against Oliver’s ass as he fucks him until he’s forced to pull out and paint his ass with cum. Afterwards, he reenters Oliver and cums all over himself.

Dillon Anderson Fucks Oliver Saxon