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David Hardy And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw

David has been a little apprehensive about today’s scene. He’s been paired up with Paul canon who has in his opinion, a big penis. He should rest a bit easier knowing that this is going to be a flip scene so if Paul goes hard on him and can give it right back. Let’s get these boys in the sack and see how they behave.

The boys strip before lovingly kissing each other. After tasting David’s lips, Paul gets on his knees so that he can suck his cock. He slurps and licks up and down the shaft, getting it nice and slick. As soon as David’s dick is hard and to his liking Paul gets up and tells him that he’s ready to fuck and that he wants to do something different this time. So he pops into a hand stand and allows David to dig right in. David fucks the acrobatic Paul without missing a beat. Paul moans loudly, clearly enjoying this new position. “Ah, get it, get it!” he yells. David picks Paul up and slams him on the bed. He pushes his tasty dick back in Paul’s hungry hole and continues to pound him deep. What I wouldn’t give to trade places with Paul right now.

Completely horned up and ready to pummel some ass, Paul pushes David face down onto the bed and quickly penetrates David from the rear. David’s hot ass opens right up for Paul, accommodating every inch. He holds on tightly to the bed and braces himself for each of Paul’s long deep strokes. The boys take a brief break to kiss and fondle. They 69 for a while, enjoying the sweet warm mouth of the other. They begin a mutual jack off, causing Paul to bust a hot load on David’s chest. Paul’s hand soon does the trick for David. He shoots a huge load that lands over David’s shoulder. This kid is amazing.

David Hardy And Paul Canon Flip Fuck Raw