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Levi Jackson Fucks Tanner Valentino

I can’t lie; I’m a little disappointed that Levi shaved his facial hair. I say the more red hair the better. But that’s just me. Either way, he’s still dovishly handsome and I’m eager to see how he and Tanner will get along. Let’s get started.

When these two kiss, it’s deep and passionate. They’re all over each other. Tanner sucks on Levi neck as his hand explores his body. They take off their shirts and Levi caresses Tanner’s big cock through his shorts. He doesn’t want to just play with it though, he wants it in his mouth. Tanner gets rid of the shorts and gives Levi the access he wants. Levi puts that big fat cock into his mouth and gets to work on it. Tanner is hungry too, therefore the boys 69 so that they can both feast.

They go back and forth sucking cock until Tanner gets on top of Levi and lowers his hole onto Levi’s dick. He slowly rides him as the two make out. Watching Levi’s cock slide in and out of the fat ass has me dick growing. His pretty hole takes every inch Levi has to offer. They remain face to face, kissing and sucking each others necks as Tanner’s ass is pummeled. Levi eventually gets Tanner on all fours and it’s all over for me! Watching that bubble butt get destroyed by this sexy ginger makes me explode. Damn! Tanner’s ass jiggles and shakes with each blow Levi delivers. Cum check out how much cum flies around in this hot scene!

Levi Jackson Fucks Tanner Valentino