Speechless and Breathless

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Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington

No words are necessary between. Zach Covington and Ryan Fields; they get right down to business by tasting on each other’s lips and pulling on each other’s clothes. They slowly lose their shirts and pants, revealing hot bodies and erect dicks. Ryan’s meat stick draws Zach’s undivided attention. He kisses his way down to it and begins to suck away. He relishes Ryan’s cock, taking his time to taste every inch of it. Ryan must be in heaven with his cock in such a talented mouth.

Ryan returns the favor by giving Zach some amazing head. Before deep throating it he starts at the balls, teasing and excited Zach. Dick hardened and ready to fuck, Zach climbs on top of Ryan and sits his pretty hole right on his prick. Zach grinds his hips as his expertly using Ryan’s cock as a fuck toy. When he slows down, Ryan takes it upon himself to pound him from below.

Zach goes reverse cowboy and rides that cock, playing with himself as he gets his ass filled with Ryan’s fat dick!  Ryan consistently shoves his entire cock in and out of Zach’s ass before putting the boy on his back to continue the pounding. Zach jacks his dick as his hole is rammed, eventually unleashing a load of hot cum on his stomach and chest. Ryan soon pulls out and ass his own sperm milk to the mix!

Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington