Speaking of Chicken

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Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling

After a short but spirited conversation about chicken, Benjamin Dover gets today’s scene started by standing up, putting his crotch in Jason Sterling’s face and saying “you ready to get some?” Um, yeah! Jason doesn’t blink. He quickly gets Ben’s cock in his mouth and begins to work it over. He twists his head up and down the dick until is wet and hard. Ben watches with pleasure as Jason’s lips travel the length of his fleshy shaft. Jason lies back and lets Ben return the favor by blowing him. Ben sucks with vigor, only stopping to kiss Jason.

Benjamin gets on all fours on the bed and allows Jason to fill his ass with cock. Jason pounds that butt bareback while Ben jerks his own cock. Benjamin twists around to make out with Jason as he gets banged out. They flip and now its Jason’s turn to get some hard cock. He’s legs are opened up by Ben who then slides his member right inside his tight hole. Ben doesn’t take any prisoners when he fucks. He holds Jason’s neck  tightly as he forces his meat stick deeper into his guts.

Benjamin fingers Jason’s hole when he pulls out and then they flip again and when Benjamin gets topped this time but he can’t hold his cum in for very long! Once he cums Jason soon follows suit and paints himself with his own man milk.

Benjamin Dover And Jason Sterling