Ronan Breaks Through

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Ronan Kennedy Fucks LJ Richards Raw

I love that these guys love being a part of the BSB family. The scene starts and LJ Richards and Ronan Kennedy are obviously happy to be there and ready to make some money. In order to make more they’ll need to put on one hell of a show. Let’s see how they do.

The boys lock lips and begin to make out.  Ronan pulls his beast of a cock out and LJ goes right for it. Ronan watches wit delight as LJ sucks his fat cock while playing with his own. They switch places allowing Ronan to go down and blow him next!  Ronan let’s LJ’s cock travel down his throat, getting that dick nice and hard.

Ready for some dick, LJ straddles Ronan and eases his way down on his big cock. LJ struggles to fit Ronan’s huge member in his tight ass and eventually he lies back and lets Ronan take over. Of course, Ronan is able to push that fat prick of his deeper into LJ’s rectum. LJ moans loudly as he takes that bareback dick. Ronan is gentle with LJ, giving him time to adjust to Ronan’s size before pounding his hole harder and faster. LJ’s ass may be tight but tight asses make you cum quick, and that’s exactly what Ronan does; he cums all over LJ’s face!

Ronan Kennedy Fucks LJ Richards Raw