Romeo James & Johnny Forza


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BOOM! The time has come! Johnny Forza and Romeo James! Fucking! Hardcore! Let’s get started. Things open with these two world class studs making out hard, feeling each other up, like two bi-curious high school seniors after football practice. They remove their shirts and things quickly escalate.

The making out is a solid warm up, their cocks are hard as rocks once they’ve removed their pants. Romeo stands on the bed and Johnny begins to suck his juicy cock. Romeos smooth cock slides in and out of Johnny’s wet lips like it was made for it.

Romeo leans in for a quick kiss and then gets down on his knees to return the favor.  Romeo really works Johnny’s cock with his full mouth (lips, tongue, and throat). Romeo gives Johnny boy another kiss in between slurps. Johnny positions his partner, lubes him up and sticks his raw New Jersey cock inside him.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.
Johnny pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper and harder!

“Fuck me, cowboy,” Romeo demands.

Johnny takes heed and picks up the pace. Then Romeo lubes up, Johnny gets on his back and Romeo begins to fuck.

“How that feel,” he asks.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans.
Johnny begins to jerk his cock and soon he cums all over the place. Romeo pulls out and his cum explosion surrounds Johnny’s hole.

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Johnny Forza & Romeo James