Right into The Sack!

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Rowan Adams Fucks Shawn Andrews Raw

Rowan hasn’t been around long but we’re already throwing him in his first fuck scene. He’s nervous as shit but he’ll have a porn veteran in Shawn Andrews to see him through it. Shawn has not filmed with BSB before but he certainly knows his way around dick and ass. Let’s see how these two play together.

Shawn reaches into Rowan’s shorts and strokes the cock he finds inside. He pulls it out and begins to suck on it while Rowan plays with his ass. Rowan’s cock grows long and thick in Andrew’s mouth, almost making him choke on it. Rowan stands up and Shawn continues to suck his cock while simultaneously arching his back and showing off his sexy ass. Shawn gives one of the best blowjobs I’ve seen on this site and I can’t help but be jealous of Rowan who is on the receiving end. The boys switch it up and Rowan is given his chance to taste cock. Rowan does a great job of taking Shawn’s cock down his throat and getting it fully erect. He licks it up and down until its dripping wet.

After kissing some, Rowan spreads Shawn’s legs apart and slowly pushes his raw cock into Shawn’s tight hole. Once the full length of his member is inside, Rowan picks up the pace and begins to fuck Shawn hard. Shawn not only takes it but spreads his legs wider for Rowan. Soon Rowan flips Shawn over onto all fours and continues to pound his bubble butt from behind. Shawn’s ass bounces off of Rowan with each thrust! These boys fuck in multiple positions until Shawn is covered in both his and Rowans sticky cum!

Rowan Adams Fucks Shawn Andrews Raw