Punishing Oliver

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Antonio Ferrari Fucks Oliver Saxon Raw

Antonio is up way earlier than he’d like to be and someone is going to pay for it. Oliver is more than willing to let Antonio take it out on his ass; he just has to help him get all the way awake first. The boys start by making out and its clear that Antonio is warming up to the idea of a good morning fuck. His hands begin to explore Oliver’s body. After getting Oliver’s pants off, he gets on his knees and begins to blow Oliver. He sucks on that juicy cock and gets it to grow hard and thick in his mouth. It’s Antonio’s turn to get some oral next as he lets Oliver lick and suck his long cock. Oliver goes no hands on the dick as he plays with Antonio’s nipples while sucking.

The boys make their way over to the bed where Oliver gets on his back and Antonio shoves his dick into his tight little boy pussy. Antonio fucks him raw, filling his insides with his raw cock! He lets Oliver’s ass have the pounding it deserves. He may have been sleepy before but Antonio is obviously wide-awake now. He lifts Oliver up and positions him so that he’s on top. Oliver rides Antonio’s cock hard, bouncing up and down and grinding his hips against Antonio’s dick. Oliver can take every bit of the battering Antonio is giving his ass and it’s a good that he can because once Antonio takes control again he fucks him six ways from Sunday with no mercy until he spews a nice load all over the boy’s back and ass!

Antonio Ferrari and Oliver Saxon