Polishing Steel

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Brenden Steel Fucks John Henry Doggy Style

Brenden Steel is making his early rounds at BSB and is next stop is with John Henry. John isn’t going to let him off the hook easily today. He wants Brenden to fill him up and he knows exactly what to do in order to get him excited. The boys make out before John begins to run his tongue across Brenden’s chest and muscular arms. His hand cradles Brenden’s crotch as his mouth works on his nipples.  John pulls Brenden’s boxers away to reveal his fat cock and goes in for a blowjob. He does a great job of inhaling Brenden fat dick and getting it nice and wet. The boys soon switch places and Brenden takes his turn sucking John’s prick. He has a little guidance from John but he takes as much of it as he can.

Ready to see what the newbie can do, John lies back onto the bed and spreads his legs, a clear invite for Brenden to penetrate him. Brenden lubes up and slides right inside. He fucks John missionary for a while, battering John’s tight little hole and making him moan in pleasure. Brenden flips him over and continues to dig deeper and deeper into his guts. Brenden fucks him hard before finally pulling out and cumming all over his sweet little ass! I thought he shot a huge load until John fires his off, unleashing a major cumshot!

Brenden Fucks John Doggy Style