Playing Swords

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Ronan Kennedy And Oliver Saxon

The boys went fencing last night, which, as you know is a hobby of Oliver’s. Today he’s going to experience a hobby of Ronan’s. I hope Oliver’s sword is up for the challenge! Oliver Saxon and Ronan Kennedy don’t waste any time. Oliver goes right in for a kiss and Ronan obliges. The boys have a pretty intense make out session before Oliver makes his way down to Ronan’s fat dick. Oliver tries to fit it all into his mouth and sucks on it, getting it nice and slick with saliva. Oliver’s hands take care of what won’t fit between his lips: he plays with Ronan’s shaft and ball, working him over like a pro.

After Ronan sucks Oliver’s cock he lays him down on the bed, spreads those juicy cheeks apart, and pushes his monster dick right into his ass. Oliver lets out a sound that rings of both pleasure and pain. Ronan pays no mind. He just begins to band away and makes sure Oliver’s internal organs knows he’s there.

are ready to get started, and Oliver wastes no time as he leans over to make out with Ronan, kissing him hard as he works his way down to Ronan’s huge cock.  He unleashes the beast and tries to fit it all in his mouth but has to use his hand instead, playing with Ronan’s balls and licking his shaft as he chokes down that massive prick!  Oliver moves up to stand on the bed, straddling Ronan and letting him get a taste of that dick, sucking on it before  lying Oliver down on the bed and spreading his legs wide open, rubbing his asshole before shoving his cock inside of it. Oliver’s ass does adjust and he soon takes control. They boys switch positions and Oliver not only rides the dick but he practically jumps up and down on it! These boys use each other like life size fuck toys! Peek inside to see just how much damage is done.

Ronan Kennedy And Oliver Saxon