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Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy

It’s the end of the week and the boys are ready to get paid. But before they can leave, Antonio and Ronan have just one more scene to deliver and it’s going to be a hot one! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ronan bottom but today he’ll have to give up that ass. Let’s get cracking.

Antonio leans in to kiss Ronan and the boys begin to make out. As their lips mix and mingle, their hands go to work, racing to undo each other’s pants. Ronan wins the race, getting Antonio’s cock out of his pants. For his reward he gets a mouth full of uncut cock. He blows it and makes it grow hard and stiff in his mouth. The boys make out some before switching places. Antonio kneels down, grips the base of Ronan’s fat dick and begins to suck as much of it as he can. Antonio does his best, but he can’t fit more than half of that beef stick in his mouth. Ronan doesn’t care, he loves the feeling of it anyway. Antonio joins Ronan on the bed and they begin to 69 to taste each other’s cocks.

Ready to fuck, Antonio bends Ronan over and buries his hard, raw dick into Ronan’s tight little ass!  As Antonio gets the work pounding, filling the room with the sounds of flesh on flesh action, Ronan moans with pleasure. Antonio isn’t holding back. He forces every inch of his cock into Ronan’s rectum who takes it like a champ. These two fuck in a couple of different positions until one of them is covered in cum. Join us inside to see just how hot things get!

Antonio Ferrari And Ronan Kennedy