Nothing Like New Dick

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Nothing Like New Dick

Our newest resident bottom Kyle Porter is in the studio today and is ready to help welcome Brandon Evans into the fold. They have gotten the chance to meet briefly outside the studio but now it’s time for their body parts to meet. Brandon has done a couple of scenes but he still gets a little nervous.  Kyle is nervous too, nervous about taking Brandon’s monster of a cock.

To get warmed up Kyle immediately goes for Brandon’s cock. This kid’s head game is awesome. He damn near swallows Brandon’s cock whole. Brandon’s eyes roll to the back of his head as Kyle’s mouth makes his dick disappear. Afterwards, Brandon helps Kyle out of his clothes and returns the favor. He conveys his own blow job skills, taking Kyle’s member down to the base.

After enjoying some kisses, Brandon holds Kyle’s legs in the air and stuffs his cock inside his pretty little hole. Kyle takes it like the pro he is! This bottom boy loves the feeling of his anal walls being stretched. Brandon rams his cock into Kyle’s man pussy over and over, giving the boy all he can handle. Kyle get on top and starts bouncing up and down.These two go at it in a very vigorous fuck session. When they finish up Kyle is covered in both his and Brandon’s sweet nectar!

Brandon Evans Fucks Kyle Porter Raw