Not Too Sore

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Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham

Jacob may be sore from his workout but that won’t stop Tanner Valentino from having his way with him. After all, he’ll be the first one to break in Jacob’s ass on camera. He’s such a lucky bastard!

The boys embrace and kiss each other’s necks while undressing. They’re lips finally meet and they share a brief kiss before Jacob’s lips begin a full exploration of Tanners chest and torso. Jacob grabs two handfuls of Tanner’s juicy ass and continues to kiss him deeply. Soon enough the boys’ pants are down and Jacob is sucking down Tanner’s big sweet cock. As he head swivels on Tanner’s prick he plays with his own. They switch places but not before sharing another deep kiss. Once Tanner is on his knees he fills his mouth Jacob’s big dick.

After a lengthy and fucking hot 69ing session, Jacob bends over and lets Tanner dig into his ass with his tongue. Once it’s sufficiently wet Tanner eases his dick in, making Jacob groan in pain. His ass soon adjusts to Tanner’s dick. Tanner feels the difference and takes full advantage by picking up the pace and thrusting his hips harder and faster. Tanner puts Jacob on his back and what unfolds is one passionate fuck one that’s not to be missed! Pop on in to see just hot things get!

Tanner Valentino fucks Jacob Durham