Newbies? Ummm…

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Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington

Two newbies are set to collide in this one. Both Zach Covington and Ben Dover are fresh faces here at BSB and they are ready to fuck for the first time on camera. They may have a lack of experience but they’re not lacking for anything in the looks department. Let’s sit back and watch these two figure it out.

When these two kiss, you can’t help but forget that its their first time. As their lips intertwine, I can see that they’re into each other; could this be a budding bromance? They remove their shirts and Zach’s hand explore’s Ben’s hairy chest. But when they lose their jeans, Ben is the first to taste cock. He works over Zach’s dick slowly and deliberately. He really wants Zach to enjoy every second of this blow job. Mission accomplished; Zach moans and groans as his prick is damn near swallowed by Ben. Zach gets on his knees to return the favor. He fits all of Ben’s thick dick in his mouth, getting it nice and wet.

Back on the bed, Zach gets on all fours and braces himself for Ben’s big cock. Ben starts slow, making sure he gets every inch inside but then picks up the pace once he’s done so. “Ah, fuck me” Zach begs and Ben bangs his insides. Zach’s ass is nice and juicy, just the way I like them!Ben must love it also because he pounds the cushion and makes it bounce and wobble. These two definitely don’t fuck like they’re newbies. Cum on inside to see all the positions they try and just how big their loads are!

Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington