Mercy, please!

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Ronan Kennedy Fucks Junior Fernandez Raw

I love it when guys are so horny they skip the small talk and get right to business. Ronan and Junior dive right, kissing and making out deeply before Junior makes his way down to Ronan’s beast of a cock. Ronan’s cock fills Junior’s jaws to the limit but Junior manages to take most of it. He plays Ronan’s balls while sucking and swallowing his dick. They trade roles and Ronan gets a mouth full of Junior’s dick while also playing with his tight hole, getting a preview of what’s to come.

After some amazing oral, Ronan lifts one of Junior’s legs and pushes his huge prick right up his sweet ass. Ronan is able to get more than half of his monster cock into Junior’s ass as he just pounds away with little to no regard for Junior’s insides. Junior takes as much as he can before Ronan shows mercy by pulling out. Junior’s bravery is then rewarded with a nice creamy facial. Ronan massages Junior’s chest as he rubs one out, shooting off a thick load of his own!

Ronan Kennedy And Junior Fernandez