Love Hangover

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Rowan and Ronan Fuck Raw

Ronan and Rowan went out last night and broke a few rules. Now they have hangovers and a scene to get through. However, they’re both young, in need of cash, and horny – a trifecta that will help them get through this scene.

Rowan rips off his jeans and with very little warning, straddles Ronan’s face. Ronan takes it in stride and puts the cock dangling in his face into his mouth. He suckles on it while pulling his own cock out of his pants and playing with it. As Rowan cock grows in Ronan’s mouth, Ronan’s beast of a prick grows behind his back, just waiting to pounce. The boys switch places and Rowan comes face to face with the monster. He tries to swallow it whole and almost chokes on it. Ronan doesn’t care, he just begins to face fuck him with no mercy.

Ready to get fucked, Ronan eases his tight ass onto Rowan’s raw cock. Once he’s settled he begins to ride him hard. He straight up uses Rowan’s prick as his own personal plaything. He doesn’t get to have things his way for too long. Rowan puts him on his back and drills his hole over and over until Ronan cums, shooting a huge load all over his chest. Rowan pulls out and paints Ronan’s face with his own special sauce. See, not even a hangover can stop to broke and horny boys.

Rowan and Ronan Fuck Raw