Like a Flashback

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Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington

Well, well, well…guess who’s back! Kaden has returned and is ready to start making some money. Here to welcome him back with all the warmness BSB has to offer is Zach Covington.

After talking about the changes to the set, Kaden gets things started by pulling Zach into him and deeply kissing Zach. Zach is all to eager to hook up with Kaden. He presses his body against his as they make out. They undress as Kaden gets on his knees to blow Zach. He works Zach’s member over with his hand and mouth, getting Zach fully erect. The boys switch so that Zach can taste Kaden’s cock. He somehow manages to get most of it into his mouth and gives Kaden some amazing oral action. Kaden returns the favor by aggressively getting Zach on his feet, turning him around, and sticking his tongue up his ass! Kaden’s tongue flicks quickly all around Zach’s sweet hole. The boys assume the 69 position where Zach takes his turn eating Kaden’s big bubbly butt.

Now it’s time to fuck. Kaden lubes up as Zach braces himself on all fours. Kaden pushes his giant dick inside, going slowly so that Zach’s hole can adjust. Once it does, Kaden begins to bash his insides with relentless, hard thrusts. They switch positions allowing Zach to get on top. Zach rides that dick reverse cowboy, playing with his own cock in the process. They switch positions one more time and Zach jacks his dick while he lies on his back with Kaden between his legs. After a few moments of pounding, Zach cums blows his load. Kaden follows suit by shooting a massive about of jazz all over Zach!