Lifting, Pressing, Pulling

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Brenden’s Bareback Dick Fucks Oliver

Gym talk. It gets one thinking about muscles constricting, guys sweating, and shorts tightening. It’s no wonder that talking about workout routines and showing off their hot bodies, results in Oliver and Brenden getting ripe and ready for some action. They make out, sticking their tongues deep into the other’s mouth while fondling each other’s growing bulges. Oliver soon finds Brenden’s cock in his mouth. He goes to work. He lets it slides up and down his throat as it hardens and grows fully erect.

Ready for some ass, Brenden flips him over onto his stomach, pushes his dick in his ass, and begins fucking him hard. Oliver takes it raw. Brenden’s body slams into him with each thrust, ensuring that his cock is getting good and deep into that ass. The boys take a brief break to enjoy some oral action. They 69 allowing both of them to taste some meat.

The break doesn’t last long. Oliver soon finds himself bents over the bed taking a hard fucking from Brenden’s raw cock. He moans as Brenden pulls in and out of him making his ass bounce. When they move onto the bed Brenden gets Oliver on his back, legs spread and ass ready to receive that big dick as Brenden fills him up again and Oliver strokes his own cock until he cums all over his abs.  Brenden quickly follows suit and cums all over Oliver.

Brenden’s Bareback Dick Fucks Oliver