Johnny Forza Fucks Kaden Alexander


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Kayden, one of the BSB newbies, is in for a rude awakening from the one and only Johnny Forza. In this   latest BSB scene Mr. Forza is going to slam Kayden’s warm hole, bareback. From the grin on his face and his eagerness to get started, Kayden is pretty stoked to be getting round house fucked by this NJ stud.

“Can’t wait to get fucked in the ass,” Kayden exclaims sarcastically.

Our super sexy buddies undress, Kayden unveiling himself in n erotic strip tease. Not to be outdone by Johnny’s simple strip down. Kayden drops to his knees and gives Johnny’s dick a quick kiss and he begins to swallow it. Kayden slurps and suck on Johnny’s hard salami, licking the head with his tongue and stroking the shaft with his lips. Johhny’s body is tense with pleasure. Kayden wraps his hands around his dick as he continues to suck Johnny senseless.

Johnny wants to return the favor but Kayden can’t keep Johnny’s fat dick out of his mouth for too long so they 69. Johnny sucks Kayden’s thick cock and Jo

It’s time for the basketball loser to receive his “punishment.” Kaden gets on his stomach and Johnny saddles up behind him. Listen to how Kaden sounds when his booty is filled with raw NJ prime beef.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Kaden whimpers.

Johnny gives his bottom small strokes. However, Kaden is groaning and moaning. He grabs the sheets and his mouth is open from the shock.

“Shit,” Kaden yells.

Johnny knows a bottom in need when he hears one. So he gives Kaden what he craves. Balls deep, of course. Kaden has never felt this good.

“Oh, my God,” he whispers. “The shit is fucking good. Stick that dick in there.”

A bossy bottom in the making?

Johnny puts Kaden on his back and gets back in. The sausage splits that ass like a peach. And Kaden understands his duty is to let his top do what he will.

“Oh, my God,” Kaden moans. “It’s so good.”

Johnny makes certain each down stroke is felt. All of this stimulation proves too much for both. They jerk their dicks, with Johnny shooting first. His man milk lands on Kaden’s nuts and thighs.
As for Kaden, the first shot of his geyser lands on the bottom of his chest. The rest splatters all over his abs.

Johnny earns a peck on the cheek for giving the newbie a salami injection.

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Johnny Forza and Kaden Alexander