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Brandon Evans Fucks Gage Owens Raw

Now here’s a pairing I’ve been waiting for: Brandon Evans and Gage Owens. They’re both extremely hot and willing to put their backs into when fucking. I hope Gage is ready because today he’ll be on the receiving end of Brandon’s big cock.

These two waste no time and get right after it with Gage rolling into him for a steamy make out session. Gage lays on top on him and begins to kiss his way down to his crotch. They quickly get undressed and Gage goes to work on Brandon’s prick, sucking it until its nice and hard. He fits every inch of Brandon’s fleshy member down his throat. Brandon follows suit and blows Gage until he’s just as erect and ready to fuck. Brandon can’t wait; he damn near pushes his cock into Gage’s ass dry. Once he’s properly lubed up, Brandon invades and begins to destroy Gage’s poor little hole. He holds one of his legs in the air as he drives his cock deep into the boys’ guts.

Eventually, he lets Gage ride him. Gage doesn’t let the intensity of the scene dissipate simply because he’s in control. He rides him hard, giving Brandon exactly what he wants. Gage is as eager a bottom as he is a top. Brandon puts him on all fours bangs his ass until Gage is squirting cum all over the sheets. Brandon pulls out and blasts ropes of jizz onto his back.

Brandon Evans Fucks Gage Owens Raw