Fuck talking, just Fuck

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David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Flip Fuck Raw

No need to speak. These two are so turned on by each other that the cameraman can’t press play quickly enough, David and Jaxon are already making out and groping each other. David begins kissing on Jaxon’s chest while his right hand works to release his cock from the confines of his jeans and boxers shorts.

David is sucks on Jaxon’s cock and licks all over his juicy balls. Jaxon’s prick grows with all the wet attention David is giving it. Jaxon doesn’t let David’s cock stay dry, he plops it in his mouth and gets just as wet and hard as his own. They enjoy each others’ mouth so much that the decide to get in the 69 position! I can’t help but drool as they guys devour the cock of their scene partner.

Jaxon, breaks up the 69 to finger and lube up David’s sweet hole. He plunges his finger in deep before replacing it with his big cock. And boy does it bury it deep!!! He opens David up nicely before really starting to batter his insides. David can take it and can give it just as good, a fact he proves when he puts Jaxon on his back and starts to fuck him raw! These boys switch a few times; including once when Jaxon gets David on his knees and practically destroys his bubble ass from behind before pulling out and cumming all over it! David blows his on load on Jaxon’s face.

David Hardy And Jaxon Ryder Raw