Fuck Like No One is Looking

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Tyler Griffin And Chris Taylor Flip

Chris is back and its time for him to get fucked for the first time. He doesn’t seem as nervous this go round and seems very comfortable with Tyler. Let’s see if his level of comfort stays the same once his hole is full of Tyler’s dick.

Tyler Griffin and Chris Taylor start out by kissing and letting their hands explore the other’s body. Tyler takes off his clothes and invites Chris to do more than feel. Chris begins to suck on Tyler’s prick. He holds the base of his dick as he mouth moves up and down the shaft. Tyler loves the treatment and so does his prick which gets hard in the process. He doesn’t immediately reciprocate. He instead puts Chris on his back, spreads his legs, and inserts his cock deep inside his hole. Chris’ ass takes Tyler’s cock with ease, and he even smiles as his rectum is opened up by Tyler’s strokes. Those nerves are as good as gone and I sense a good little bottom in the making.

Tyler pulls out and gives Chris head in order to get that cock ready for action. Then, while on all fours, Chris pounds Tyler’s sweet little ass (something that always gets me excited). Chris now knows that Tyler’s ass is the gift that just keeps giving. Cum on in to see which one of these two leaves the studio covered in cum.

Tyler Griffin And Chris Taylor Flip