Flip it and Reverse it

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Flip it and Reverse it

Ah yes, the politics of flip fucking. David sums up the conundrum perfectly when he asserts that if you fuck first you must be nice unless you want your partner to rip your ass open when its his turn. It is a dilemma, especially when your partner is Owen Michaels whose beefy ass just begs to be pounded but whose dick could do some serious damage. Let’s see how David navigates this one, maybe he’ll opt to go second.

After some tasty kissing, the boys quickly ditch their clothes. Owen finds David’s cock and begins to blow him, helping it get nice and erect fast. He stands up in front of David who takes a few ticks to admire Owen’s physique. He kisses all over his chest and nipples before getting down on his knees and taking his cock down his throat. They get on the bed and continue to taste each other’s meaty beef sticks and balls while 69ing.

Before David can opt to go second, Owen lubes himself up and sits his bubble ass right on David’s cock. He rides like a pro, needing no time to get used to the dick in his hole. His ass slides up and down David’s pole with ease. Ready for some ass, Owen gets up and bends David over. He licks and sucks on David’s sweet hole, prepping it for what’s to come. He get’s it nice and wet and then sticks his porker right inside. David’s ass welcomes Owen’s raw cock inside it’s warm goodness and open up for every deep stroke. David may have been worried early but he’s definitely enjoying himself now. Owen puts David on his back and fucks him to completion, making him cum all over. Owen pulls out and deposits his load on David’s hole. His not done, he licks some of it up and then feeds it to David. Hot!

Owen Michaels and David Hardy