Double Fucked Blind

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Double Fucked Blind

Gage has got to be one of the luckiest boys to ever find their way to BSB. Today he’s going to be sandwiched between Vadim Black and David Hardy. Does it get any better? These two are going to tear into him and I just can’t wait.

Already sitting between them, Gage gets warmed up by  Vadim Black and David Hardy who kiss his chest and torso. They undress him and to my surprise they use his shirt to blindfold him! Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him.  David and Vadim take turns rimming Gage’s ass, sucking his sweet cock and take a break to make out with each other while Gage touches himself. Gage is completely at their mercy. They spread Gage’s legs and go down on him. They suck his thick dick, make out near his balls, and stick their tongues down his tight hole. Then they set in on his mouth. The boys take turns fucking Gage’s mouth like it’s a wet pussy.

They put Gage on all fours where David takes his turn first. David enters him raw and fucks him deep while Gage gags on Vadim’s cock. They take off his blindfold, allowing him to see just what’s happening to him. Vadim and David send Gage through a spin cycle, fucking him from all directions. They get so busy that they forget that only one dick should be in his ass leading to double penetration. I’ve always said that Gage can take dick, but two at one time?! That’s a pro! By the time they’re done, Gage is conquered and covered in hot gooey cum!

David, Vadim and Gage in DP Action