Don’t Study Too Hard

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Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon

Oliver is headed back to school and will have quite the course load. The last thing he wants is to have to worry about money while he could be studying. That’s why he’s in the studio today with Kaden Porter. These two are ready to give us a show in order to make some quick cash so let’s get started.

Oliver gets things going by pulling Kaden in for a kiss. The boys get rid of their shirts but neither can break the lip lock. Oliver lays on of Kaden as the two continue to make out and engage in some frottage. Once they’re both horned up, Oliver kisses and licks a trail down to Kaden’s shorts. He pulls it outs and wraps his juicy lips around it. His mouth works the shaft before he lets his tongue have its way with the balls. Kaden’s cock is stiff in no time. They switch and Kaden returns the favor and damn near swallowing the dick whole! He’s not done; he flips Oliver over, lifts his leg onto the dresser, and eats his tight hole. He wants to make sure its nice and wet for what’s to come.

Once it’s nice and wet, Kaden buries his fat meat into Oliver’s booty. Oliver doesn’t need anytime to warm up. He opens right up as Kaden shovels his way into his guts. Kaden gets Oliver on all fours, which gives us the perfect view to watch Oliver’s ass bounce with each thrust Kaden delivers. These two deliver a passionate, lust filled scene that will have you wondered if they’ve both been turned out. Pop on in to see just how hot things get!

Kaden Porter Fucks Oliver Saxon