Did He Just…Already?

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Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino

Ashton Taylor is a legit straight boy and has never done anything with a guy. Today he’ll have the opportunity to get his feet wet with one of our veterans, Tanner Valentino. Tanner is willing and eager to give his ass to the new boy so let’s get started.

They exchange a few kisses and explore each other’s bodies. Both of these boys are toned and ripped; a feast for gay eyes! They grope each other through their shorts before Tanner decides to give Ashton some head. He deep throats it and then Ashton…he…he cums! Damn that was fast! Tanner is known for giving great head but damn! Luckily for us, Ashton is a young man and is ready to go for round two immediately. The boys switch places and Ashton gives Tanner a blowjob, sucking his dick like he’s done it before.

Tanner’s puts his ass in the air and Ashton eagerly invades it with his prick. Tanner takes every inch of that cock, letting Ashton pound his bubble butt as hard as he pleases. And he pounds it hard. Tanner’s ass bounces around like it has a mind of his own. Tanner ends up on his back and has his hole ravaged until he cums; prompting Ashton to release his second hot steamy load of the night!

Ashton Taylor and Tanner Valentino