Darting in that Ass

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Kaden Alexander Fucks David Hardy Bareback

It’s all fun and games until someone has a dick in the ass; then it’s just fun. We find Kaden and David playing what appears to be an innocent game of darts. That is until Kaden makes a bet with David, if he wins he will get to fuck David. Despite his best efforts, David misses. I’m sure Kaden won’t!

David gets on his knees and begins to suck Kaden’s cock. David has no problem devouring Kaden sweet uncut dick whole. David alternates from licking and beating his tongue with that sausage. Kaden then picks David up and throws him on the bed. He all but rips David’s pants off, eager to get his dick into his mouth. Once Kaden has it out he devours it; sliding his mouth all the way down to the base. And that’s no easy task as David has one of the biggest man bats around BSB. David toys with Kaden’s prick as he enjoys his mouth. Sensing that David wants to do more that just play with it, he straddles David’s face and gets in the 69 position. Watching two big cocks get devoured has my dick brick hard!

Kaden lies back on the bed and has David help lube that beast of a dick of his. David slides on slowly in reverse cowboy. “Oh yeah” Kaden moans once his cock is finally all the way inside. He immediately begins to pound David tiny hole. This kid takes dick well, allowing Kaden to completely have his way. That doesn’t last long though. Soon David takes control and begins to use Kaden’s cock like his own personal toy. Damn I want some of his ass! Kaden puts David on all fours before squeezing is man beater back into his guts. David’s beautiful butt responds by backing up into and bouncing off of Kaden. Kaden puts David through the ringer; fucking him from various directions until David finally cums; firing a load over his shoulder! Hot! Kaden pulls out and quickly sprays David with his own man seed. When all is said and done, David is indeed “a pool of cum”.

Kaden Alexander And David Hardy Raw