Cum Flavored Kisses

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David Hardy and Justin Riggs

One of my personal favorite BSB boys, David Hardy is back and is ready to have his turn with the newbie Justin Riggs. They’re determined to really give the fans what they’ve been asking for and that’s a show. No need to delay, here we go.

The boys lose their clothes quickly and Justin gets right to work on David’s cock. In no time, the headmaster has David’s dick fully erect and ready to conquer. Justin’s not done with it though. He continues to inhale David’s sausage, sliding his mouth up and down the pole. To return the favor, David lays Justin on his back and begins to blow him. The camera does us all a favor and gets a beautiful shot of David’s hairy hole. Now, I’m salivating. David works Justin’s dick over good before licking his way down to Justin’s hole. He brings Justin’s ass right into his face and munches on it until he’s had his full.

Ready to fuck, he quickly lubes up and pushes his beef pole right into Justin’s boy pussy. Justin moans loudly as he tries to get used to the feeling. Justin takes every inch as David speeds up and really starts to pummel his asshole. Justin’s long moans and groans fill the air which lets me know that David is doing quite a number on his insides. They switch positions allowing Justin to sit on David’s dick. He rides him hard before Justin takes over and fucks him even harder from below. If you’re wondering why he’s one of my favorites, this is why. He sticks his fingers in Justin’s mouth forcing him to suck them while bouncing up and down on his dick.

Justin spins around, and rides in reverse cowboy. I easily blow my wad watching Justin’s ass work David’s rock hard pole. Close to cumming himself, Justin lays back on David’s chest. He jacks his cock hard while David continues to fuck the shit out of him. He explodes, unleashes loads of cum on his abs. David quickly gets Justin on his knees and blasts a milky treat in his mouth. Justin gives the gift back by kissing David with a mouth full of his own seed. This definitely catches David by surprise. It caught me by surprise as well! Wow!

David Hardy and Justin Riggs