Country Lovin’

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Benjamin Dover And Levi Jackson

I’m perfectly fine with two country boys getting together and mixing it up. Benjamin Dover and Levi Jackson are not only both from the country, they have a lot in common. They both love being outside and they love getting paid. Let’s get right to the action.  The boys kiss briefly before Levi lies back on the bed and Ben helps him out of his shorts. Ben finds Levi’s cock and puts in directly into his mouth. He sucks on it, making Levi’s eyes roll to the back of his head.

Levi returns the favor and goes down on Ben. He uses his tongue to tease Ben’s dick. He licks every inch of that juicy cock, pulling it in and out of his mouth as he massages it with his soft lips. Once Ben’s dick is standing at attention they climb onto the bed so that he can get some ass. Levi straddles Ben, slowly lowering himself onto Ben’s cock and riding that dick. He struggles to take it all at first, Ben’s meat rod is just a bit too much for the lad. They flip and Ben rides Levi. Ben is able to handle all Levi’s cock as he bounces up and down on it.

They find a new position with Ben on his back, legs spread, and Levi doesn’t waste any time burying his cock between them. He pumps his cock in and out of Ben’s tight little ass while he watches Ben strokes his own dick. Pop on in and see how much cum gets slung around.

Benjamin Dover And Levi Jackson