Close Call

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Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Raw

There comes a time as a Broke Straight Boy when you have to own your body. It makes everything a bit easier; including bottoming. Levi will have to learn that lesson today as his screen partner, newbie Chris Taylor, will be topping him. Let’s see how he takes it.

After making out, Levi lays back while Chris sucks his cock; getting it stiff and wet. He is learning how to take more and more cock in his mouth each time at bat. Levi gets up and removes Chris’ pants in order to return the favor. Chris’ dick gets hard even faster than Levi’s did.

Now that both boys are horny, Levi lubes up and forces Chris to lower his ass onto that waiting cock, letting it fill him up as he lets Levi fuck him. Levi impales Chris’ hairy hole with every inch of his cock. Chris gets on his back, taking Levi’s bareback shaft as he jacks himself off. Chris’ eyes roll to the back of his head as Levi’s prick strokes his insides. Before cumming inside, Levi pulls out just in time and drops his load on Chris’ balls. Chris sits back and follows suit with a nice milky load of his own.

Levi Jackson Fucks Chris Taylor Raw