Chris Takes Over

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Vadim Takes Chris’ Bareback Cock

Chris Taylor and Vadim Black have been chillin’ in the house all day due to the rain outside. You know how things can go when you’re stuck in the house with a boy hot enough to melt the sun? No, seriously, do you? Because I’ve never been as lucky as these BSB boys are in order to experience it. But enough of my whining, let’s see what these two get up to.

The boys begin with a passionate kiss before Chris decides to take matters into his own hands and goes down on him. He uses his ever-growing oral skills to get Vadim hot and bothered, making his cock erect. The boys switch it up so that Vadim can get a taste of Chris’s cock. Vadim doesn’t just get himself a little taste. No, homeboy deep throats it, showing off the skills he’s been learning with other studios. Chris moans as Vadim works him over.

Ready to fill more than Vadim ass, Chris has him get on all fours on the bed before pushing his cock into his ass. Vadim needs a moment to allow his hole to adjust to Chris fat raw dick. Once it’s open, Chris has his way with him. He pounds him hard and with long deep strokes. Vadim turns over onto his back and Chris penetrates him again, spreading Vadim’s legs and getting his dick in deep while Vadim plays with himself. Vadim takes it like a pro before he cums all over himself. Chris doesn’t hold back. He shows Vadim mercy before pulling out and adding his own cum to the mix.

Vadim Takes Chris’ Bareback Cock