Chef Valentino

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Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington

Rumor has it that Tanner Valentino can cook. He has been whipping a delicious dinner for the guys all day but now its time for him to putting in a different type of work. I was unaware of his talents in the kitchen but we all know too well his talents in the bedroom. It’s time for Zach to get a sample of those skills.

Zach can’t wait. He yanks off Tanner’s shorts and sucks his juicy cock until it’s standing up at attention. When it’s Zach’s turn, he just dangles his dick over Tanner’s face and makes him suck it. Zach’s ass soon gets some loving as Tanner holds his ass up and gives him a rim job, sticking his wet tongue in and out of Zach’s tight little hole. With his rectum slick and ready, he gets behind him and slowly slides his hard cock inside. Zach moans as his ass gets stretched and Tanner buries that dick deeper and deeper into Zach’s guts.

When begged to be spanked, Tanner doesn’t hesitate. He gives that beautiful ass a good spanking and then they flip around to another position, Zach’s legs spread and Tanner’s big dick fucking Zach raw.  Zach jacks until he’s nutting all over himself. Tanner keeps fucking until he can’t hold it any longer and gives Zach a milky facial.

Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington