Cash Rules Everything

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David Hardy and Danny Cannon Raw

Danny hasn’t been with us long and we usually like to take it slow with new boys. But, he needs money for college and moving expenses so he’s agreed to get fucked. The lucky BSB doing the honor is none other than David Hardy.

The camera man instructs them to kiss. I don’t think they need instruction, kissing is now customary at BSB! They engage in a lengthy but gentle kissing session. As they kiss, the boys undress each other and David ends up on his knees. He teases Danny by fondling him and licking on his nipples. The boys lay on the bed where they continue to make out. Danny finally journeys down to David’s crouch and pulls out his cock. Danny slowly sucks and caresses it as David looks on. They switch positions, allowing David to have his turn blowing Danny’s dick.

Ready to fuck, David flips Danny over and lubes him up before slowly pushing his sweet wood into his tweet hole. Danny is clearly uncomfortable so David takes his time and lets him get used to it. He slides his cock in and out, picking up the pace with each stroke. Danny can only take so much before he’s pleading to switch positions. He opts to sit on it so that he’s in control. When he’s on top he’s able to take every inch, much to David’s delight. These two get in a lot of raw loving; ending with both guys shooting ropes of cum!

David Hardy and Danny Cannon Raw