Caging Chris

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Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass

Cage Kafig is back after a short break and I’m ready to fill my eyes with this stud’s hot body and nice hard dick. Chris Taylor will be on the receiving end of Cage’s rock hard cock and he seems all too excited. So let’s let these boys get right to work.

Cage quickly gets at Chris’s cock, blowing him while Chris sits back and enjoys the feeling of Cage’s wet mouth. Chris soon returns the favor, teasing Cage’s sweet cock with his tongue as he licks his shaft and then takes it in his mouth and sucks that dick until it’s hard.

When he’s ready to get fucked Chris straddles Cage’s cock and slowly lowers his ass onto it. He struggles but takes as much as he can of that raw dick. After he bounces up and down on it for a bit, Cage bends Chris over the bed and takes him from behind, fucking him hard, deep and raw while Chris moans as he tries to handle that long shaft.  Chris turns onto his back and Cage spreads Chris’s legs and buries his cock in that ass again, pounding him until Chris cums and then Cage is shooting his load all over Chris!

Cage Pounds Chris Taylor’s Ass