Cage is Back!

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Cage Kafig and Robb Davis

There’s nothing like welcoming back one of BSB hottest models. Cage Kafig is back and is ready to play. We’ve paired him with Robb Davis, who is lucky to have Cage for his first scene. No more talking, let’s let these boys do what they do best.

They get started by making out and groping each other. Cage frees Robb’s cock from his pants and quickly wraps his lips around it. Cage hasn’t sucked dick in a while but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the way he almost swallows Robb’s member whole! Robb returns the favor by giving Cage a blow job of equal measure.

After they’ve played tag with oral, Cage slides to the edge of the bed and lets Robb push his rock hard cock into his ass. Robb plunges in deep. He lets Cage’s hole know he’s there with each deep thrust. Cage begins to turn red from the neck up. He’s got to get used to taking cock again! The boys flip, giving Cage a chance to get some boy hole. Cage’s long prick slides in and out of Robb’s ass hole with ease. This boy can take it! Pop on in to see Cage welcome Robb to BSB with a nice large load!

Cage Kafig and Robb Davis