Cage gets some Steel

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Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig

Brenden Steel is back in the studio and is ready to up his resume. To help him out, Cage Kafig is present and is ready and willing to bottom. This is something we don’t see often so buckle up and pull out your lube.

The boys begin by kissing, but as we all know, Cage loves to get to business. He makes his move and bends over into Brenden’s lap in order to suck his cock. He bobs up and down as he takes Brenden’s cock down to the hilt. As Cage is putting his oral work in, Brenden decides to join in on the fun. The boys switch places and Brenden sucks his dick before the boys decide to 69.

Cage is hot, horny, and as ready as he’ll ever be to get plowed. He lubes up Brenden’s fat cock and lowers his ass onto it. He rides and grinds, using his hips to give Brenden the full feeling of being inside a man’s ass. Brenden leans back and with an imperious demeanor, watching as Cage rides him. Cage gets on all fours and Brenden takes him from behind, fucking him raw with long, deep strokes. Cage tries to prevent Brenden from going too deep, but its useless. Brenden is going to take as much ass as he wants. How much? Come inside to see get as much dick as he can handle and then some!

Brenden Steel fucks Cage Kafig