BSB vs College Dudes Continues

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Cage Dominates Dillon’s Tight Ass

Dillon Anderson is small but incredibly sexy. Even though he is new to the site, he is not new to gay porn as he’s been featured on College Dudes. Today he’ll get a little BSB love from one of our vets, Cage Kafig. Let’s let these two make some money…

Cage damn near tackles Dillon and begins to kiss him before going down on him. He gives him a hot blow job before the boys switch places and Dillon wraps his mouth around Cage’s cock. After taking turns devouring each other’s dicks, Dillon decides to get what he came for. He lubes up and slides his warm hole down onto Cage’s beef. He bounces on it while taking every inch until Cage shifts him down some and takes over. Eventually Dillon ends up on his back where Cage really begins to pound the shit out of him, covering his mouth in the process.

The boys switch positions again so that Cage can hit it from the back. Cage doesn’t ease up any. He continues to destroy and pound this cutie’s hole until he can’t take it anymore. Dillon blows his load all over the bed while Cage’s cock stays buried deep. When he finally pulls out, he leaves a milky load right in the crack of Dillon’s hot ass. Now Dillon can make that down payment on his jeep.

Cage Dominates Dillon’s Tight Ass